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    I was on the Strict Candida diet for a few months (stopped about a month ago) and was definitely not feeling any better throughout any of that time. In fact I felt worse and worse. Like many, I attributed this to the notorious Die-off. Over the past month I’ve gone through a variety of discomforts and have been scrambling for doctors to help. As is frequently the case, they haven’t shown me anything. The most helpful thing I came upon was a doctor who asked me if I had allergies because I had swelling behind my ears. Since recently my head has been feeling like a tornado for no apparent reason this got me thinking. I heard a while back about something called Histamine Intolerance. It is a relatively new subject with a huge lack of research (though I think that will change soon) so I can’t get much help with it from anyone except for the potentially dangerous internets.

    Basically, histamine is produced in our body and is also obtained from foods. Most people can handle the load, but some people get too much histamine for their body to handle (sort of like diabetics with sugar). I did what reading I could and tried taking out certain foods that were known for having high histamine levels or causing excessive release of histamines in the body and found my symptoms retreating rather quickly. I noticed with wide eyed horror that some of the highest histamine containing foods were: Eggs, avocados, spinach, and seasonings such as cinnamon. Guess what I gorged on with the candida diet? Guess what foods I love? Since I took out those foods I have felt much better (and miss them dearly). I’ve been testing these foods again and discovered that every food on the basic histamine intolerance list all cause lethargy and sinus issues (these symptoms being very different from food intolerance symptoms, as I am gluten and corn intolerant) when eaten in any significant quantity or together. My body is pretty obviously healing from whatever critical mass of chemical excess it was experiencing, though I worry I could have hit a point of no return.

    Anyways… I’m no longer sure Candida is my issue, and I just want to remind everyone that you may or may not have Candida and that there are lots of other issues the body can have related to food other than the few that we happen to know about. Don’t be 100% sold on anyone, no matter how smart/knowledgeable they appear. The body is very complex and has uncounted numbers of chemicals and microorganisms all interacting with each other. I highly encourage you (especially before you commit to something as precarious as the Candida Diet, which could cause more harm than good particularly since most of us aren’t experts in nutrition) to experiment with your diet, taking different foods out and looking up what different foods that could be causing issues have in common. One last note, Please oh Please make sure all of you are getting your Nutrients!


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    One thing that can lower histamines is vitamin C which we widely promote on the forum.



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    Have you had your blood histamine levels checked?

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