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    Hey all!

    Today marks 4 weeks (28 days) on the diet for me! I actually started out on the Body Ecology Diet, then switched over to this one, but I thought I would post about my progress if anyone is curious.

    Here’s my general routine (it’s not perfect, but I don’t have a lot of $, so this is where I’m at right now):

    Upon waking, oil pulling with organic raw coconut oil for 20 minutes. (If I wake up in time, which I often don’t.)
    Drink one glass of plain water.
    Take probiotics immediately after, or immediately after waking if no time to oil pull. 1 Bifido Max, 2 lactis/acidopholous (sp), 2 tbsp of coconut water kefir with a glass of water with juice of half a lemon.
    Take chlorophyll drops (18) and kelp iodine (2) in 8 oz of water.
    At least an hour after probiotics, eat breakfast with a cup of detox tea. Take 3 Yeast Cleanse (awesome STRONG anti-fungal pills I found), 1 Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, 3 spirulina, 1 Energy Multi, 1 HCl, 1 plant enzymes, 1-2 Gastrix, 2 Vitamin C.

    Take HCl, enzymes, gastrix, Molyb, 1 vitamin C with lunch.

    With dinner (or evening snack), take HCl, enzymes, gastrix, molyb, 3 spirulina, 3 Yeast Cleanse, 1 vitamin C.
    30 minutes after eating, take 8 oz water with chlorophyll and iodine.
    Just before going to sleep, at least an hour after anti-fungals and food, take 2 latics/acidopholus and 2 tbsp of coconut water kefir.

    I have a few pills that are combos – the multivite and the anti-fungal because it was cheaper to do that then buy a bunch of separate vitamins. They both seem to be pretty good ones though. I’m definitely pretty much broke from all the supplements right now; thank god I get paid in a few days. I’m going to be adding in Milk Thistle when I get my paycheck. I’m also going to add in some raw coconut oil, but I haven’t gotten the cojones to start eating it plain yet. I think I’m about there. It just kind of grosses me out, to be honest :p I eat a ton of it in my food though.

    My meals look something like this:
    Breakfast: Buckwheat hot cereal, stewed leafy greens

    Lunch: Bieler broth, coconut bread

    Snack: Bieler broth, coconut bread

    Dinner: Eggs with veggie stir fry

    Snack: More veggies, maybe more bread

    I’m really working hard at not overeating on the bread. It’s the only “easy” food though, and it’s so good!!

    My symptoms, pre-diet were:
    – Unable to tolerate literally any foods aside from eggs and small amounts of rice and very cooked veggies
    – Brain fog
    – Irritability
    – Irrational anxiety
    – ADD symptoms
    – Social anxiety
    – Fatigue/low energy levels
    – Easily overwhelmed
    – Occasional GI symptoms, but not too many

    Currently, if I don’t take the molybdenum regularly, I am getting some really intense die-off symptoms, these include:
    – swollen glands in my neck
    – headaches
    – sore throat
    – runny nose
    – irritability
    – panic attacks/emotional meltdowns
    – muscle aches

    However, I have seen some major improvements already. I have:
    – been able to eat many foods, including buckwheat and large quantities of vegetables, basically everything on the diet
    – had some days where I actually felt clear and happy, like I used to…I actually felt myself again!!! This is the best part.
    – experienced a major decrease in anxiety
    – I had some major constipation and bloating for the 2nd and 3rd week, but it has now almost entirely gone away
    – still had some weird poops, they are not very well formed, but they are there, so yay for pooping!

    I am feeling very hopeful and positive tonight, despite having a very bad afternoon (forgot my afternoon pills and didn’t eat enough). I cannot thank those of you on this forum enough for all of your wisdom, hope, and strength. I was struggling so much through this before I found this site, but seeing folks on here that have gotten through this to the other side that had it even worse than me makes me see that I, too, can beat this and feel like a normal person again!!

    I ordered kefir grains from eBay yesterday to make my own coconut water kefir (I’m using some medicinal store bought from Whole Foods right now called Inner Eco until I can get my own going), so once that’s here, I will be able to increase the amount I drink of that.

    Please let me know if you have any additional suggestions to my diet/regimen. Thanks! 🙂


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    Hello, Alex.
    Can you list the vitamins and amounts in the multi-vitamin, or either show a link to the brand which would list this information?

    I’ve replied to some of this in your email which I replied to a few minutes ago.


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