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    So it’s been about 4 months (16 weeks) for me on this diet. I started out completely and utterly desperate, having suffered from Candida for more than 3 years after taking birth control and antibiotics. I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t digest ANYTHING without it coming out looking the way it did going in. I was in the bathroom for about 7 hours each day and my family thought I was insane with my diet. I have eaten rutabaga, brussels sprouts, eggs, coconut oil, hemp oil, oat bran, bell peppers, onions, and cucumbers as my daily source of food. After about 2 months I started to feel human again. After about 3 months I started to feel normal. Now, I NEVER experience hunger, bloating, gas, or any side effects. I have heard of one or two success stories but didn’t believe it would happen to me because I was just miserable for so long.

    I am a first year teacher and without this strict regimen I probably would have had to quit my job because of not being able to stay out of the bathroom. I started at the right time. Seriously, my fiancé and his family can’t believe how I’ve changed. I initially lost 10 pounds (weighing in at 106 lbs) but I gained it all back and with exercise I am currently at 112 lbs. My stomach is always flat now–not like I am pregnant like it was before.

    -I drink 1 and 1/2 cups of raw milk kefir morning and night. IT WAS MY SAVIOR. SERIOUSLY… at first I was allergic to kefir (like everything else it made my bloat for an hour before I sat on the toilet for another hour and pooped out undigested kefir grains… YUCK) Now I have no problem.
    -I stopped taking the HCL and only take the Swedish Bitters to aid in digestion.
    -Lots of water and nettle leaf tea
    -I also take a myriad of supplements
    (I have not been able to get commercial probiotics yet but plan to do so very soon)

    I have spent about $300 on this diet in pills and necessities. I have saved about $600 in the last 4 months in food costs and over-the-counter meds because all i eat are healthy fresh products that I get locally from free-range providers. I have saved MUCH more in doctor costs because doctors wanted to prescribe me antibiotics and other medications for problems unrelated to Candida.

    My advice: patience!! and if you’re anything like I was, QUIT COMPLAINING! 🙂
    SMALL MEALS, light exercise, and kefir are the keys to fewer digestive problems.

    I will update later once I’ve introduced beans. I will wait two months at least because I remember how terrible I was at digesting beans… Message me if you want to know more.


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