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    My son was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis three months ago. Since then, we have watched the symptoms get worse despite doubling his swallowed Flovent. We saw an integrative pediatrician and went over the results of his Genova GI Stool Effects test last Thursday. Since then, I’ve been reading everything I can find on the Internet and have some questions.

    The test did not Identify his yeast. It said it was a +4 for taxonomy unavailable. Does this mean he does not have Candida, but rather some sort of other yeast or is “candida” a catch all label for all yeast? He also has a parasite, lowish levels of beneficial bacteria, h. Pylori (I found a study that said h. Pylori can be helpful in preventing EoE) and low IgA.

    So my main question is, will we be treating this “taxonomy unavailable” strain the same as all the protocols I find for candida? My son has some fairly significant oral aversions (we will be starting feeding therapy in the next couple of weeks). He’s also fearful of food after all the gagging and choking from the EoE, so the dietary changes sound nearly impossible to me! The pediatrician is starting things slowly due to his fears and aversions so we are doing prebiotic, probiotic, aqueous zinc, Floridix, digestive enzymes and gse to begin. We are staying on the swallowed Flovent for now and all the supplements are hidden in OJ, so are we just spinning our wheels or can we make some progress with my son eating a high carb/sugar diet. I hope we can fix the diet part in a couple of months.

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