3 days on Stage 2…Feeling INCREDIBLE!

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    Well, today is day 3. I went straight into stage 2 and skipped the cleanse. I was desperately ill and falling behind in college from the candida. Between the nausea, headaches, dizziness, joint & muscle pain, and consistent feelings of being right about to pass out, I was wondering if I was gonna end up dying from this. That’s when I took a week off school and started eating quinoa and all these other amazing foods that I’ve never really had before. I’m following the candida diet to a tee..I even baked myself some coconut flour bread. I’m taking liver cleanse herbs and molybdenum. The results are phenomenal! I already feel healthier right now than I have my entire adult life! And for some reason, the strange new foods taste wonderful to me and fill me up really well. The swelling in my thyroid has now gone away. All the other symptoms are now gone, except I have a scant amount of psoriasis still hanging on for dear life. My psoriasis is almost gone though. I feel clear-headed and really energetic. This morning I woke up and felt young again..like I did when I was eleven years old. This has certainly already exceeded my expectations. Soon I am starting probiotics and after that the antifungal herbs. God bless the internet and natural medicine.


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    Congratulations. That’s all happened in an amazingly short time.



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    How long have you been on stage 1?
    you dont mean to say you are only 3 days into the diet?
    congratulations on your progress as well. I felt great at first but then I started to feel much worse


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    Hi! I forgot about this forum and haven’t posted here in months! I now enjoy excellent health and have no more symptoms. My actual problem was food allergies, particularly to gluten and corn syrup. I now eat an all organic diet and enjoy running. It was the candida diet that helped me to find out about my allergies. Celiac disease can mimic candidiasis. Thank you all!


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    So, as I understand you, you diddent have candida but food allergies? 🙂


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    Travler2001-Congratulations!!! Sometimes nailing the exact problem takes time and a few wrong turns. But you stuck with you commitment to health and well-being and figured out your problem. That is awesome!

    And eating gluten-free has never been easier. But watch out for all of those high-sugar GF foods…you know what can happen. LOL!

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