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    Hello all,
    I have been monitoring this site as a guest for about 8 months now, hoping my condition would cure itself. I am not desperately asking for guidance from you all. I am a 23 year old male, who has had painful urination, ejaculation, redness around the meatis and an inflamed urethra for over a year now. Within the past few months, my GI symptoms have gotten much worse. In addition, I have some symptoms of minor oral thrush, along with some athletes foot that I just can’t kick. The head of my genitalia is red, and cracked, with small bumps present (the skin appears rough). The redness is isolated to the tip of the meatus, but follows the other of the urethra both ways until it reaches the foreskin. The skin appears weak, wrinkly and thin in texture, however I never had any build up of any mucus of some sort, or discharge of any kind.

    So when did this start, and why do I believe my symptoms have to do with Candida? This started after a week of drinking alcohol(a few mixed drinks every other night). In addition to alcohol use, I was taking oral antibiotics (amox) for 3 weeks straight for a tooth infection. I was taking antibiotics on and off for months for a tooth infection that would just not get better prior to this. Unfortunately, I was unaware that o should have been taking a pro biotic in conjunction with the antibiotic. On top of this all, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend, which I believe lead to this issue in addition to the use of alcohol plus antibiotics. The initial onset was a slight burning in urination with mild discoloration around the urethra.

    My symptoms are as follows:
    General fatigue
    Burning during urination
    Weak stream
    Burning after ejaculation
    Skin changes in the area, and the scrotum (different, wrinkly, slightly darker skin at times on the scrotum)
    Low sex drive
    Erectile disfunction
    Stomach pain/bloating/cramping
    Smelly urine
    Difficult urinating
    Athletes foot
    Brain fog
    Pain after/during bowel movements
    GI burning
    Rectal burning and itching
    Periodontal issues
    Perineal pain

    I have seen over 6 urologists, I have been told I have everything from balanitis, to prostatitis, and have also been told that nothing is wrong that is visible by the naked eye. I have been tested several times for any stds and all tests have come back negative. My insurance will not even approve another std test as I have had so many. I have seen my primary care physician several times as well. I have been to 3 different dermatologists, a neurologist, a uro-neurologist who is currently treating my condition. The only thing that we have found so far is that my testosterone levels are low, they are at 249 when the average for a male my age is 300-800. One urologist told me after a prostate exam, that my prostate felt boggy. He pushed very hard (which was extremely painful) and retrieved a sample of my prosthetic fluid. After viewing it under a microscope, he said that white blood cells were present. My current dr (uro-neurologist) has assured me that my prostate feels absolutely normal. It does not feel boggy in the slightest. Here is a list of medicine I have taken

    Amoxicillin (tooth infection)
    Urogesic blue (which has helped the most with the pain, but did nothing to cure or help cure the issue)
    Flexeril (May or May not have helped?)

    I received a cystoscopy that went to my bladder that did not show anything. Several MRIs also did not show anything.

    I know this is a lot of information at once, but I am truly desperate to fix whatever is wrong with me. Is there a specific doctor that I can see to truly test for some sort of fungal overgrowth? Can this be a fungus other than Candida? I am willing to see whoever necessary to figure out a solution to this issue. I would love some reassurance so I can take the proper steps towards fixing this issue. I am up all hours of the night, every night searching for a possible answer or cure to whatever issue I may have. If there is some sort of test that will truly help point me on the right direction, I would be happy to see another doctor and take that test. I thank you all in advance, any information that I remember I will gladly update in this thread.



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    After 8 months you are still having all of those symptoms?
    What is your diet like?
    What medication/supplements are you on now?

    Your story is fairly close to mine. I started out with what I thought was a chlamydia from an ex gf. Went in peed in a cup and stunk of bacteria. Test came back negative but doctor gave me azithromycin anyway. Two weeks later I was feeling bad still with a lot of your symptoms, saw another doctor and said chlamydia is hard to treat and needs heavy antibiotics. Received more azithromycin and a shot this time.

    That completely messed my body up and I could barely get out of bed with extreme fatigue and about 20 plus other symptoms. My reproductive system issues did clear up a couple weeks later, but I was normal on all blood tests, except I had low testosterone like you at around 250 at the age of 28. I was in bad shape so I didnt care about the erectile dysfunction or loss of libido. Once I was feeling better many months later, my testosterone was still very low and I made a tough decision to go on testosterone replacement therapy to fix those issues.

    You may have multiple issues here with bacteria and fungal. There really isn’t an “accurate” test for candida. Like you, I went through tons of conventional doctors and nothing showed up on any test and was just left hanging. If you want to try some different alternatives then you need to look for a functional medicine doctor or naturopath. They tend to think outside the box and will do comprehensive stool testing, organic acid tests, and much more. It’s great but insurance normally doesnt cover it, so it can get expensive.

    Its been 5 years and I still have gastro issues, food issues, brain issues. I just manage it all with a strict candida diet. I wish I could be of more help, but we are all kind of in the same boat trying to figure out why we fell through the cracks of our medical system.


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    I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I have been dealing with most of the same issues for roughly 4 years. I’ve been to several doctors who are always either stumped or believe I’m imagining these issues. I’m currently seeing a doctor who actually listens and since I have never tried antibiotics this whole time during this issue, I’m taking Doxycycline which doesn’t seem to be helping. I did however come across another possible diagnosis that suggests some of the symptoms which is trichomoniasis. After I’m done with the antibiotics, I’m going to ask to be treated for it just in case since I’m obviously desperate to resolve this. Please tell me if you’ve already solved this problem. I can barely imagine what a normal life is anymore.


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    HUGE UPDATE!!! If you are still dealing with this issue, you have trichomoniasis! I was given a dose of Azithromycin of 4 tablets and in 3 days the past 5 years of health issues have disappeared. I no longer deal with any of the issues you listed and I had nearly all of them. This is a very common STD that most people don’t even know they have symptoms and they don’t test for it with the common STDs. I hope this helps you and anyone else that sees this. I wish someone had posted this for me. Good luck everyone and if you’re experiencing any of these issues, you should get treated for trichomoniasis. The worst that can happen is you find out it’s not the answer. Or you could get your life back.

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