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    I am coming to the end of my box of probiotics so I was researching what I should get next (i am soon to enter month 5 of my anti candida path). I came across, Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 billion. It is a course of 7 days.
    Here is a link http://ultimatefloracriticalcare.com/ultimate-flora-super-critical-200-billion/

    They also have ones for the vagina, or the colon – although i’m not entirely sure how they can be so specific?

    Anyway – my question is – I am going to Cuba for 2.5 weeks in February. I am ready to have to break all the rules of my diet, I will be fed in peoples homes, and although I can decline a dessert, I wont be in any control of what I eat and there is no way I am going to be difficult in a country where people don’t have enough food. So do you think it would be a good idea to do the 200 billion 7 day course for a week before I go?? or while I’m there?? Would it be too much to do it twice? one the week before I go and one the week I get back??

    If I do do this course should I not buy an Ultimate Flora product for my next probiotic (I will run out in a week) – because it will be similar and the 200 billion wont be as effective?

    sorry – I hope all that makes sense !

    I really like the look of the probiotics that Thomas found – Innate I think is the name, but I can’t find them for any less than £100 !!! That is a crazy price – and I’m short on cash – I’ve just bought flights to Cuba 😉

    Thanks a lot for anyone’s advice.


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    I don’t think it matters really which one you use. I don’t feel that the more billion count means its more effective; I take one with 12.5 billion and find it to be just as or more effective than a 50 billion probiotic I took before. If you take the megaflora or HMF neuro that me and Able recommend, this may be the best bang for the buck.

    If you eat a ton of corn and starch, the candida with slowly come back…and at that point you could be throwing the supplements away. Your body is at a delicate balance right now and I wish you nothing but good luck.


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