2 weeks of strict diet and no result? Avocado? pain with coconut oil?

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    Hi everybody,

    Since I discovered the website and being sure I have a Yeast overgrowth for 5years now, probably candida. I have strong palpitation when I eat a bunch of bananas or other sweet fruit and can not do real exercise.
    The only moment I felt better has been when on orange Juices for a week or so but lost weight.
    I have often fungi overgrowing around my penis although I cleansed it rigorously.
    I did for 2 weeks, only:
    3 heads of cabbage a day with lemon juice, garlic, ginger, and at least 2 soup spoon coconut virgen oil per cabbage.
    10 radishes per day
    10 cucumbers
    I had some avocados at the beginning but it didn’t feel so nice finally, it is normal candida likes avocados???
    So when I have a lot of coconut oil (some website do fasting and taking 2 soupspoon each hour, up to 14 soup-spoon a day of coconut oil) I feel quite strong pain in small intestine, I suppose this is good sign and die off, isn’t it??
    Today I had some really bitter medicine herb but it was mixed with honey and I didn’t know neither noticed it so bitter the herb was.
    Result, after 2 weeks strict diet, just a little honey and stronger than ever palpitation, horrible feeling for 2hours….

    Ahh this feels hard…. what’s about the Orange Juice fast, or coconut water (i’m living in costa rica, really easy to obtain)??


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    Pura vida!

    There is a strict diet and protocol for candida that you can get from Able – just send him a private message. I would recommend trying that as best as you can in Costa Rica. It is mostly veggies which I think you should be able to get there just fine. Avocados are on the list!

    Oranges and honey are both a definite no for candida – they are both sugars that will feed it.

    If you can find something called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, that will help with the die-off symptoms tremendously! It has been a godsend since I found out about it.

    The coconut oil is a great antifungal and so is raw garlic. I put up a recipe for a soup that uses both (feel free to add more than is in the recipe), called Bieler Broth, on the recipes page, which is safe for stage 1 of the diet.


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    ok, thank you for your answer and recommendations.
    I read through the whole website and it is clearly writen that avocado is good but could it be otherwise for me? IS there another tuff fungi other than candida?
    I will soon receive Milk thistle from a friend who is bringing it me from the US as it is hard to get it here and expansive to ship it.
    How can I notice some relief and how much time should it take???
    I will contact able, thank you



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    Try to cut down on the fat in your diet a little and see if it helps.

    Just try excluding avocado, fatty cuts of meat, salmon, oils and nuts from your diet for a week and see how you feel. I too have had negative effects from high-fat foods.


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    Cut out the avocados for now, no honey, no oranges or orange juice. Cut down on the coconut oil if stomach pain occurs. See a naturalpath or look at the protocol here. Get some other antifungals. Good luck


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    I’m already not really strong and quite skinny, if no fruit, no avocado and no fat than I will disappear…


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    Pretty much everyone loses a lot of weight for the first couple of weeks. However, after the initial period, you can start testing out adding back in some of those fatty foods. Trust me, I understand – I lost like 15 pounds…from around 130 to almost 115…I am pretty much skin and bones right now, but it’s stabilized since I added back in coconut bread and I think I’m maybe starting to gain back a little.


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    I went from 145 pounds to 135 pounds and now I weigh 165 pounds, so I’ve gained 30 pounds on the diet without fruit!



    Sydney Keith
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    Do not be afraid of weight loss, it’s normal! You need your essential fats, are you able to get your hands on Udo’s oil? This is a very important part of the diet.



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    I couldn’t eat any avocados at the beginning, it was painful, but now i can, it took some time.

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