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    Hi everyone!

    I am a first time mum breastfeeding. Baby developed oral thrush that affected my breasts and nipples and we’ve been battling it for a few weeks now. After some time we realized that I actually had it mildly systemically as it got progressively worse due to lack of diagnosis!

    He also had bad nappy rash.
    I noticed his saliva at one point was that stringy like mine became which after researching showed that he was at risk of having systemic candida? Is this true?

    I’m treating the thrush using antifungals and diet but struggling to keep my milk supply up.

    My main concern right now is whether my son will suffer from this forever or will his body be able to overcome it?

    So many kids have oral thrush parents don’t even bother treating. I’m scared he’ll have issues with candida forever 🙁 please tell me he’ll be ok

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