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    I’m a mostly heathy active 37 year old woman. Ive always had what I thought were just your normal health issues to deal with but this year I’ve gotten some especially tenacious UTI’s and started to look into the bigger picture of why this was happening to me. I was shocked to find out about Candida. The shocking thing was that I had lots of the symptoms but never dreamed that they were connected. I always have ear infections or at least ear irritation and itchiness. I get unexplainable rashes. Sometimes I’ll have a sore throat for weeks at a time. I crave sugar like crazy. Alcohol too. I try my best to hide it or change it but the truth is that I am a very grumpy, irritable person. I’m ambitious but often exhausted so I drink coffee and make myself go go go. Every time I get a Pap smear I have a low grade (unnoticeable to me) yeast infection. My joints and muscles ache. I have siatica. My brain get pretty foggy and its often difficult for me to be fully present. The list goes on too. About the only symptom I don’t have is digestion problems but the more I read the more I learn that it’s possible that I do have leaky gut or other issues but not bad enough to have the noticeable symptoms.
    So it wasn’t difficult to see how this could have happened to me. When I was 12 or so I got some kind of terrible skin infection on my face and a doctor proscribed tetracycline which I took for months. I don’t remember exactly but I may have taken it for a year even. It cleared up my acne and being young a dumb that was really important so I kept getting more.
    So I did the cleanse for a week and wow! it was difficult but I didn’t cheat. I had terrible die-off. 2days of which was really dibilitating. Then I started the strict diet. I was a bit confused in the beginning so I cheated unknowingly with rice and rice crackers but I think I’ve got it right now. Here are the foods I’m eating:
    Lots of veggies (on allowed list only) especially garlic and rudabaga
    Coconut or buckwheat bread
    Oat groats
    Buckwheat cereal
    Greek plain yogurt
    Chicory coffee with stevia and coconut cream
    Homemade water kefir with lemon and ginger
    Cabbage rejuvalac (fermented cabbage drink)

    Also taking
    6 -10 tspn coconut oil
    Pau de arco tea
    Nettle tea
    Milk thistle powder
    GSE (rotating with caprylic acid)

    And loads of pills
    Swanson probiotics Dr Steven Langers
    Caprylic acid
    Bavarian herbal bitters
    Chelated molybdenum
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D3
    Oregano oil (I start this tomorrow)
    Cranberry extract
    Calcium magnesium and zinc
    Vitamin E

    I also have some undecenoic acid coming in the mail.

    So at about a month in I feel foggier than ever and even more tired than usual. I wake up with a headache that sometimes persists all day. My joint and muscle pain seems better and my skin looks great. My ears are itchy as usual but not infected and my throat is still sore. There is some kind of jabbing pain internally where I think my left kidney is and that is starting to worry me. I’ve always suspected that I have weak kidneys (I’ve had infections).

    So I still have loads of questions about what I should be doing. I’ve been reading and researching but if anyone has any input I would appriciate it. I’m wondering if there are some of these supplements that have special requirements in taking them.. such as “don’t take A and C together” or “Don’t take A within 2 hous of eating X”… I’m just taking handfuls of pills and powders and I know our bodies and its processes are complicated and there is so much I don’t know. I am trying to take the probiotics 2 hours before and after all food and anti fungals.
    Another question: how do I know there isn’t residual sugar in my water kefir after the fermentation time is complete. Also since the bacteria eat up the sugar does that mean its okay to add fruit? Won’t I just get fruit flavor but no sugar?
    Also on the days that I make coconut bread I have a hard time not eating it all up, it is so yummy and filling. This makes me wonder if I should be trying to count or guesstimate my carb intake. If my craving had their way I would just eat the bread, yogurt and eggs. I’m not saying I would do this, but what if I did?
    So if anyone has answers, comments or criticisms I’d love the feedback.

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