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impossible;52056 wrote:

You can still get your dna data through 23andme, they just dont report your predisposition to diseases now.

ok thanks.

Just curious, are you able to interpret MTHFR mutations and other data on the report? I’ve seen the data on these and you certainly need someone with knowledge of these tests.


First off, i recommend downloading and storing your raw data somewhere safe.

To get your methylation panel, you have to run your raw data through genetic genie, there is also a detox panel that is very useful too. There are actually several sites available to run raw data through, some free, some cost ya. For some of us, those other possible snp’s can be a gold mine. I recommend running your data thru genetic genie (and leave a tip if you can!) and (costs i think $20). mthfrsupport also offers a consultation for a fee that would be useful as far as finding out what your data means for you.

Thanks so much for the tips Impossible. This journey for me has been so long and painful for me like it has for most here. I’m very hopeful this will be part of the solution for me. I will post my results and what I have been able to determine once I get to that point. I ordered the 23andme test and I am waiting now to get results.

I have seen a few threads from you in this forum related to this topic, but I haven’t had an opportunity to read them all yet. Do you mind inspiring some of us on this forum with a possible update on your Methylation update if there is anything substantial to update.

Also, do people need to adhere strictly to a Leaky gut/Candida diet when they are methylating? One of the reasons I ask is I suspect I have heavy metal poisoning. If it turns out to be the case there a bunch of foods that should be avoided that contain certain amounts of metals in them, which would make the diet even more difficult.