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impossible;52252 wrote:

I have seen a few threads from you in this forum related to this topic, but I haven’t had an opportunity to read them all yet. Do you mind inspiring some of us on this forum with a possible update on your Methylation update if there is anything substantial to update.

Also, do people need to adhere strictly to a Leaky gut/Candida diet when they are methylating? One of the reasons I ask is I suspect I have heavy metal poisoning. If it turns out to be the case there a bunch of foods that should be avoided that contain certain amounts of metals in them, which would make the diet even more difficult.

Well, I stopped using the LDN several weeks ago as it was causing too many infections. Then after a few weeks I added in only a small amount of methyl b12 (mb12), as my major holdup is with not being able to create enough of it and then using it up too fast. A few of my symptoms got better, though it was nothing like when I was feeling good on my full methyl protocol. But the bad stuff isnt nearly as bad either. My food sensitivities, as far as my fatigue, brain fog, anxiety etc. actually got better once I started on the mb12, but my igg symptoms, basically tore up burning gut, got worse. A few weeks after starting it I could get a bit loose with sugar and not have any effects. There’s still definately something left though, so im doing an antiviral, Th1 boosting protocol. And holy crap am I shakin somethin loose. The goal is to straighten things out by getting rid of other intracellular infections and rebalancing my immune system, then eventually getting back on my full methyl protocol. Then be normal and healthy:)

Any infections, leaky gut, and food sensitivities need to be taken care of before starting a methyl protocol. It is entirely possible even if methylation or other things are a real problem, you just have to take off your candida blinders and go after other infections that are inevitably present when candida is. Immune suppressing ones are the best place to start. Any other particular problems should be treated or at least accounted for, things like biotoxin illness, specific nutritional deficiencies or hormonal problems. If you start methylating a sick person, they will become sicker. If you methylate a sensitive person, they will become more sensitive. Many docs believe the best way to chelate is the natural way, boosting the bodies detox abilities by boosting methylation. Thats my plan, though that may not be best for everyone.

Now I’m thoroughly confused. You say you need to heal leaky gut and resolve Candida problems before beginning methylation treatment. How is it possible that we can resolve leaky gut before methylation, when there is really no medically proven way to achieve this other than supplements such as glutamine. Are we left to just hope that works? The same goes for Candida. How do we really know it is gone. I believe any Candida is under control for me, but I have no way of knowing. I still have several side effects that I believe are likely leaky gut or metal poisoning related.

What also seems confusing to me is there was a link to an article posted online that was very well written about this subject. The individual seemed to be an expert regarding all of the facets of dealing with Leaky Gut, Candida, Methylation, Thyroid, hormones etc. He seemed to state almost that curing any one of these would require dealing with the other issues at the same time. While you seem to be stating the opposite. Please understand by no means am I questioning you. I’m just trying to understand what is best. I searched for the article, but can’t seem to locate it. I’ll try to locate the article.

Nice to Hear you making big strides. That is very good news, Congratulations! By the way, what is LDN?