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I still eat fruit, veggies, and potatoes while doing my plan. I’m having very strong die off symptoms just while doing my modified plan, so I wouldn’t want to do any stricter or drastic than I already am!

My main problem with the traditional diet is that it’s not sustainable for me. It would pretty much cut my diet to nothing and I can’t sustain that for 12 months. I’m not going to cut out all fruit, some veggies, all or most grains, and all beans. That’s just too much and it would mean that I would likely quit trying to deal with the candida altogether and wind up worse off in the long run.

I’m a vegetarian and a lot of treatment diets are basically meats and veggies. I’m not going to go down to eating just veggies for 1 year. That would likely impact my health worse than just doing a modified candida diet.