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mygutleaks;39652 wrote: hi Jorge,

what is the difference between Candida-Related Complex and Systemic candida? I know Dr. Stoll talks a lot about CRC, but I haven’t seen it mentioned on too many other sites.




Let me tell you I was a friend of him. I shared my knowledge about this syndrome with Dr. Walt in his bulletin board many times. If you dig the archives, you will find many of our debates about candida. Well, if the new administrator hasn’t erased them !. Walt signed one of his books for me before to send it to me. I own the two he wrote. Excellent books by one of the greatest Holistic MD ever.

I know very well his thought about this syndrome, leaky gut, the 3LS, and more. It was really sad he passed away. I felt that hard since he always helped me.

Anyway, CRC ( Candida Related Complex ) is a syndrome caused by an intestinal yeast overgrowth, sometimes genital too, and its metabolites affecting remote organs and functions.
This is the reason why we all are here battling. This syndrome is wrongly called systemic candidiasis many times.

Fungemia, Candidemia, or Systemic Candidiasis is when candida alive cells manage to enter the blood stream and infect the blood. This is a real emergency that only gives MDs hours to save the patient. It must be treated with powerful IV or oral antifungals.

I am always battling to educate people about it. There should be a moment where candida websites and people stop calling CRC systemic candidiasis.