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raster wrote: The way I look it at is that this only addresses one organ when candida can exist in many organs (pancreas, liver, kidneys, galbladder, lungs, saliva, etc). For instance this isn’t effective for destroying candida in your mucousal membranes which is where candida exists for most candida sufferers. The only knock on it is that it doesn’t do any healing, it just destroys good and bad bacteria in the colon.

Thats my two cents. I think if you still have a few lingering symptoms after 10 months on the diet…give it a try and see what happens, but there is no way to completely get rid of candida in the body. I think a possible better alternative would be to do the fecal transplant which has a 90% success rate.


You have a missing part here.
The immune suppression that doesn’t allow you to eliminate fungal focus around the body is caused by the COLONIC growth.
Let see myself as an example. I had a chronic penile candidiasis that didn’t respond to a very aggressive Rx antifungal combination. This systemic antifungal combination for more than 3 months eliminated my prostatitis. I mean the pain in the area but it wasn’t able to eliminate a chronic fungal balanitis. I used all, including Itraconazole, Fluconazole, Lamisil, Ketoconazole, and every possible topical antifungal. It never went away.
I am now convinced that the fungal colonies living inside your colon are playing a great role suppressing cell-mediated immunity. This is well known by science. I mean the ability of candida mannan of causing immunity suppression.
Following my case,
The balanitis has disappeared without taking systemic drugs. This means I have been restoring the immune function by the time the colonic fungal overgrowth has been gradually eliminated.
So, get rid of what suppress your immune system inside your colon and the rest of the fungal areas will clean by itself or with the help of a short systemic antifungal treatment.
It is the same case that people with AIDS case showed before. With AIDS, (before to the advanced treatment) people died with a simple bacterial infection because there were NOT immune function in spite of powerful IV antibiotics.
The immune system is what play the main function. The fungal colonies present in the colon keep you immune function suppressed. When they are eliminated, the immune system balances and END of the nightmare.