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DancePants wrote: I think we should follow the protocol and do enemas/colonal irrigation together to fight the candida faster and more efficiently. Gotta scrub.

I don’t know about enemas, but colonics are much more aggressive and unnatural. There doesn’t seem to be any research regarding their effect on the gut flora. It’s hard to find any research at all that doesn’t paint them in a bad light. You just have some therapist without any understanding of microbiology or medical training telling you they ‘don’t kill much good bacteria.’

I was considering them after reading about people clearing out 15lbs of crud and feeling better – for about 2 weeks. It’s not hard to find follow-ups where people are back to square 1, if not worse off than before. Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened to their gut flora, since there’s no research to tell us.

All I know is that once you lose an entire species of bacteria, it’s not coming back, and it’s not hard to imagine at least a few of them getting wiped out during 50-minutes of constant bowel flushing. I think people who’ve taken antibiotics are missing enough already. Strangely, candida doesn’t seem to suffer this problem, as one of the members who’d been having weekly colonics for months and could barely force a bowel movement could attest to.