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Thomas wrote: Hi Djorge,

I too have some questions:

How do you reach the upper regions of the guts? The area of small intestines too?
What happen to your bacterial colonies?
Where do you get the Nystatin?

I am into the study of IBS and the balance of bacterial cultures to heal. There they too talk about passing white stuff mucus which are then not seen as candida but killed dead bacteria.

I have no position in that discussion and my personal believe is what is good is good and works. What doesnt work and make me sick is not good.

I am happy for you but I am afraid to mess up my bacterial colonies and wash them out. I too was reading that it is not working to replace them with probiotics, they dont attach to the colon but one has to build up the colonies again and again while doing enemas. What do you think about that problem?

Myself I feel 90 percent better after going Low – fibre diet and drink vinegar to higher the acid in my stomach.

all the best to you, I am very happy that you got out of the ditch!!

You should follow the diet and also take oral antifungals. The small bowel is the less problematic,IMO. The small bowel is a difficult environment to microbial growth.
The organs fluids such as enzymes, bile, HCL, sodium bicarbonate are antiseptics.
The colon is the opposite. There is fermentation, putrefaction, and decomposition in the colon.
What happens to the flora nobody knows. What matter is the results. If you feel normal after being dying for long time is because something positive is happening.
During the 70 and 80s, there were not probiotic boom but people got cured of this syndrome following the pioneer Drs. Nystatin enemas are mentioned in every old book.

How they got cured without probiotics ?? Simple, eliminating the infection. The flora and the normal gut ecology comes back by itself. Now, we are better that we have a lot of probiotic brands and strains that HELP. It means we have more chance.

The Nystatin I get is from my country.