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Able900 wrote:
This isn’t going to do anything other than act as a pain pill. It can probably help with the symptoms after a while, but unless you’re doing something to change the environment of your intestines, you’re wasting your time and money because the infestation and symptoms will only continue to return unless you’re addressing the root cause of your problems. This means you will have to continue doing this indefinitely if you’re not addressing the cause.

Are any of you working to change the environment of the intestines on a daily basis while performing the enemas? Jorge, I’m not asking you this question because I know you’ve been working on doing that for a while now. I can only assume you still are.


I totally disagree. The intestinal flora is there and return by itself. Let think about the main prominent candida cause, antibiotics. Most people suffering this syndrome have taken antibiotics and developed it. The infection flourishes after antibiotic intake and colonizes part of the intestines. Overtime, your intestinal flora recover but it CAN NOT displace a fungal overgrowth which is established.

You can do fecal transplants, HPI ( I have done both )take all the probiotics in this world and all the kefir you want but candida will be there.

I will repeat it one more time. This is a colonic infection. It is in the colon where the fungal colonies are creating the destruction. What you take by mouth don’t REACH the colon with the necessary effectiveness to kill the fungus. It be what it be. I have taken ALL, huge amounts. There are only a few people in the web who have taken the amount of natural and Rx antifungals I have taken. I took and antifungal cocktel composed by Itraconazole, Lamisil, Nystatin powder, Lufenuron, Oral Amphotericin B, SF 722, Liquid Caprlylic Acid, Transfer Factor, Lactoferrin, and Oil of Oregano. I took it 3 months and I couldn’t finish it.

The cure is targeting the colon by the anus. It isn’t oral way. The effective way to delivery the antifungals is the rectal way. This is the only method that will put the fungus in direct contact with enough poison concentration to kill it.

Hold an enema with concentrated Nystatin that reach the cecum and transverse colon and you will see next day, after water enemas, thousands of fungal colonies and fungal balls coming out. I have collected 36 pictures ( you have seen some of them )

It wasn’t possible during 3 and a half years doing conventional web protocols with very strict diets. It wasn’t possible with nothing I could plan. I am convinced that a cure is targeting the colon with antifungals. When the fungus dies, the infection will be gone and you will feel normal again no matter if you take probiotics or not. There are bacterias that will take place. If you want to take probiotics, it is all to you, same thing with kefir but the infection will be gone without them. The secret is the colon and to end with the fungal infection inside of it.

I am close to a farewell post which I will do in every candida forum and the yahoo group I post. I will be sure to spread the word to help people to end with this nightmare for all.