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dvjorge wrote:

Please and I do again say please answer the following questions. It seems when ever I or other members pose a question to you …they are not answered. You just come back stating how many post you have posted on other web sites. That tells me you have a lot of time to post…but you don’t answer the questions asked.

1. How long did you stay in a strict Candida diet? Please tell me in numbers of years/months/weeks? It seems you never gave the diet a chance yet you battle for years?
I have followed strict anticandida diets plus antifungals at least 4 times since 2008. I got better but never could end with it. Any release of the diet caused a relapse.

2. What happened after a length of time that you knew that you still had Candida? What were your ongoing symptoms? Did you ever find any type of relief?

The symptoms returned and aggravated over time. As I said, I got relief but never could feel totally normal again.

3. What were your symptoms prior to starting the enemas and fecal transplants?

Severe symptoms such as foggy brain, blurred vision, nervouness, lost of memory, chronic penile candidiasis, diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, intestinal crampings, loud bowel sounds, etc.

4. Did you keep all variables the same as to know exactly what worked? My scientific train of thought is you were conducting two experiments upon yourself at the same time and now you are claiming victory over Candida however are you certain what brought about the victory? Was your diet always the same so you could track if it was change in diet?
Absolutely. I understood where was the main problem and why actual protocols are so weak. I have told the reasons many times.

5. How long can you say that you have been Candida free? You started this enema/fecal transplant how long ago? 3 months…and now you are Candida free? How do you know? What are signs/data that show that you’re free? Have you been Candida free for one week, two weeks, three weeks? My recollection is that you have been fighting it for the few months since you joined this forum.

Candida free ?? Who knows that ??? What I am claiming is I feel normal again. The chronic penile candidiasis went away and I don’t have any symptom at all. No a single one.

6. Now that you are free and you were NOT on the Candida diet can
I ask what your diet is like now or has been in the past three months?
Why are you telling I am not on the candida diet ??
I have suggested the antifungal enemas following an anticandida diet as the same thing I did. Since I posted about the antifungal enemas, I have suggested it as a complement to eliminate the infection totally. I have never claimed that I don’t follow an anticandida diet.

7. If you were to resume eating (presuming that your not or have not) carbs, foods with sugar etc. Will you continue to engage in the enema/fecal transplant protocol? Will this be a life long treatment plan for you?

No, there will be a moment where I will test the most offender food. I have not done it yet. It is too early to go there. This won’t be a long life treatment since I am sure eliminating the fungal colonies in the colon brings immune restoration and restore the health.

8. Your asking others to follow you. Please answer the above questions so it is clear where you have been, what you have done prior, what your doing now, and where you plan on going with this treatment plan.

People can fallow me or not. At the end, I am not asking for anything but only want to benefit you. It will end because I won’t be here forever trying to convince people what to do. I am doing it because I have suffered too much and god will know how to compensate my efforts to alleviate suffering.

I know I have asked a lot of questions. Please answer the questions asked.


I have followed strict anticandida diets plus antifungals at least 4 times since 2008. I got better but never could end with it. Any release of the diet caused a relapse.”

If since 2008 you have been on and off diet and had relapses how do you know after this short stint with enemas and fecal transplants that you are healed? Are you shouting from the rooftops a bit early? What if in a month your not healed and you have all these good people here running and grasping at your new healing with little time to see if it truly is a healing method? I do wish for the best and I want all of us to find a cure? It seems to me you have been suffering for a length of time. I wonder if you have the true dedication to be healed and have been looking for a quick fix? If this is it then blessings to you. I do hope that you have found a cure for yourself. However, I think that you have not collected enough data or know for sure of your healing to be posting this over and over again and possibly bringing false hope to others.

One more question. Have you been doing this under the guidance of a doctor?