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I went to an Ayurvedic Doctor, and he gave me few medicines to detoxify my blood, blood purifiers.
He asked not to eat yoghurt while taking this medicines as yogurt will block the blood purification. How ever he said I can mix some water, stir it, and drink it like butter milk.

I m doing that, but my question here is…….will this have the same probiotic effect?

This is a question you should have asked your doctor, especially since he told you to do it and you’re paying him for his knowledge.

Also I would like to squeeze some lemon, add some salt, then add water and stir the whole thing make a 1-2 gallon drink good enough for a week, and save it in the freezer at my work place to drink it all through the day. Will this still have same probiotic effect, or will doing this destroy the bacteria.

Are you talking about adding lemon and salt to the yogurt water? If so, I have no idea whether or not it would have the same probiotic effect; maybe your doctor would know.