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Mooch, yes, kudos to the homemade yogurt. I was looking up some yogurt makers last night on amazon, and I thought one seemed like a pretty good deal. I just remembered that I got some money the other day from some wine glasses I made from people, so I might invest. Actually, I want to make a non-dairy yogurt, or I can try the homemade goat yogurt. I just don’t trust a lot of things anymore.

I feel I am getting a little better, and my stomach doesn’t do too bad. I just get gas and bloating in the intestines still, but if I didn’t follow an anti-inflammatory diet, then I known I would be halting the progress.

I have tried peppermint off and on, and if I feel pressure, it does help, but other times, not quite sure about that.

Yes, let me know what the doc says about sibo, and I am hoping for a good consult as well. Also, maybe I should try some more garlic?