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Thanks Able, I just wondered. Right now on my treatment, it comes and goes. I have good and bad days. Currently, my only anti-fungal I am taking is sf722; I am up to 4 a day right now. Probiotics are between 15-30 billion a day right now; probably should up the probiotics.

I have been trying to monitor my reactions real closely lately, and sort of slowed down a bit on things because since my issues are so complex, I felt I needed a little more guidance. This site is wonderful on having me learn all this useful information, recipes, etc., but I still need more help. Raster gave me his naturopath’s info, and I have a phone consult this Thursday. I am going to see what he has to say, and if it would be useful for me. It just gets frustrating because I can feel pretty good one day, and not so hot the next day. My brain fog hasn’t been bad at all, it is just still the urinary issues, crazy sleeping (I get up too early! I hate waking up at 4 in the morning.), and bloating at night still.

My mind has been at ease though lately through detoxing through tanning and trying to support my adrenals with vitamin c, ashwangda, etc. Sometimes I wonder if I developed sibo, too with my past use of lots of laxatives before colon taken out, ppi’s, and antibiotic use over the years as I read mooch’s posts. I have read sibo is very hard to get over. Do you have any more information about sibo?

Maybe next week when I get some more money I’ll invest in a yogurt maker because I am tired of worrying. I tried a crockpot homemade recipe once, and it didn’t turn out too well. Time to get it right!