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I know that it is all real. My hunch is that there is a cure (haven’t seen much evidence) and that eating foods geared to thwarting this condition can heal your body however; nobody knows exactly what to do. We have good ideas, but nobody has found a surefire way to be healed of this particular problem.

I never said there wasn’t a problem. I’m saying nobody knows how to systematically correct certain health problems. “Eat healthy” everyone says but everybody has a different need for their bodies or conditions. We cannot all eat apples and feel good. We cannot all be vegans and feel good. Different approaches are required for different conditions and problems.

You are right that we need to take out the bad and put in the good. I’m sure over time–perhaps long periods of time, people can heal by eating good foods. It’s identifying however what are the good foods when you have a condition. Whole grain oats are healthy, but not for someone like me who gets reactions to them. Watermelons and cantaloupe are healthy foods, but not for me with my condition. Once again, it’s identifying what people need for their conditions.

There is a balance somewhere, but it’s trying to find it.