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the symptoms I was reading that you were going through and the lifestyle of working out and being active sounds almost identical to my story.

I now look at candida differently than when this all began. the years of eating sugary crap.foods and binge drinking on the weekends was like continuously adding gasoline to a giant pile of wood. no fire so no problem. everything seems ok. I mean I work out regularly and play sports so what’s the big deal?

well that is until the match is lit and the years of gasoline gets ignited. in our case it was prolonged traumatic stress. this type of stress can literally stall your immune system and send your blood sugar up. candida spread like wildfire cuz of all the previous damage.

you can’t even believe how sick you are when you’ve never had issues before. at least that’s how I felt. I’ve been battling since March and it all started for me.with a sore throat too. was prescribed antibiotics three times making my situation worse and worse. then came the food allergies which brought on the severe headaches. I never have headaches prior to this. then came sinus.pressure and ear infections. heart palpilations. intense anxiety and stress.

you don’t have systemic candida. that’s an overused term. if you had that. candida would be in your blood stream attacking your vital organs and you’d be in a hospital.bed.

that’s not tp say what we are goin through isn’t Damn serious cuz it is. the only way to beat this is with patience and knowledge. you be way.more.strict with your diet cuz u are feeding the candida still. you should follow ables protocol. its outlined everything. it was developed by raster and able and they are the two most knowledgeable ppl on the forum but everyone here is great.

your infection sounds quite serious so you should start as soon as possible. as raster would say. find yourself a naturopath with a background in candida. chances of finding a knowledgeable md on the subject. slim to none.

sorry for the grammar. typed this via a phone lol