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Hello, Jay, and welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry that I missed your post yesterday; I was only able to be on the forum for a very short time and was answering a few posts of some of the regular members who are well into stage one, and unfortunately I just didn’t notice your post.
So again, I apologize for the fact that no one replied to your post yesterday.

As far as the supplement “Yeast Raiders” is concerned, I would suggest that you stop taking it immediately as it contains psyllium seed husks which poses a danger to the intestines and has been known to cause bleeding in the area.

In addition to the psyllium husks being a problem, you really should be obtaining your Caprylic Acid by taking pure, organic coconut oil. In fact, this is something you should take throughout your treatment period as it is one of the most beneficial antibiotics as well as environment-builders for the intestines. Otherwise, everything else in the supplement is going to waste as it either is too low of an amount to be benefit, or is simply harmless to the Candida having no positive effect.

Since you have the ThreeLac already, there is nothing wrong with finishing the container you have, however, when you have finished it, you should find a better probiotic with more strains of beneficial bacteria. If I remember correctly, ThreeLac only contains three strains, not really enough to make a long lasting difference to the Candida infestation. In addition, for most people Candida tend to become resistant to ThreeLac after a month or two, sometimes less.

Have you experienced any of the die-off symptoms since you started the diet last Sunday?

I would avoid any antifungal supplement for at least two full weeks on a completely “clean” diet.