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lem00003;42496 wrote: Hi All,

I have been following the diet since the end of February and have been making good progress. I’m taking probiotics, vit C, Cod Liver Oil, Milk Thistle and digestive enzymes.

I also believe my problem is connected to leaky gut too. I’ve found it hardest to quit fruit but since doing so my tongue is returning to it’s normal pink colour.

Anyway, I wanted to know if seeing string like yeasst in my stools is a good sign? Is this the yeast dying off? It looks like the same stringy stuff that I can scrape from my tongue.

Any other advice you could give would be appreciated.

I hear that people say that is candida coming out, which would definitely be a good thing. I get the same thing. I reckon, though, that it could equally be mucus or fibre or something. I think if we look so hard to find proof of something it can colour our perceptions.

I’m not saying that it’s definitely not candida, I’m just saying that I’m sceptical. As ever, I’m open to being proved wrong.