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Thanks for the feedback. I did buy some grapefruit seed extract as well as the bitters, molybdenum, milk thistle, the probiotic you suggested, and some more coconut oil. Wow, talk about expensive. A small price to pay for getting well I suppose. The question I have now is when to take all of these. Can I take everything except for the probiotics and antifungals together? Also, do I take several doses of the probiotics and antifungals or just one big dose daily. Which supplements need to be taken on an empty stomach and which do not? I just need some sort of schedule for taking all these pills!

Also, I am deficient in iron, vit B, & vit D so I have been taking a multivitamin given to me by my natropath to correct that. Did I read correctly that I shouldn’t be taking this anymore? And that taking iron feeds yeast?

Lastly, are there any sugar-free gums out there that are safe for this diet? Chewing gum has always been a way to keep my mouth busy and not watering for sweets so I was bummed to read that some sugar-free gums have alcohols in them.

So many questions! Thanks for any input you may have.