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cali wrote: I started on a different version of a Candida Diet about two months ago. It is similar to this one only I still drink a cup of black coffee daily, eat some red meat, brown rice cakes, unsweetened cranberry juice, and 1 glass of red wine/week. My questions are:

If I stay on this version of the diet will I eventually get rid of the Candida..

Extremely doubtful, ‘extremely.’ In fact, I can’t imagine how it would be possible.

If I must do the diet on the forum to get rid of the yeast should I start with the cleanse or go to the next stage since I’ve already been sugar, gluten, dairy free for 2 months?

Start with the diet on the post below, you can skip the cleanse.
(I don’t know if you were speaking of the diet on the website or the one on the forum, this is why I’m posting the link as it’s the one that the forum members use and the one they’re speaking of on the forum.)

Right now I am taking oregano oil 2x/day, aloe vera, unsweetened cranberry juice, eating lots of coconut oil, taking a probiotic, and drinking kefir. Is there anything else I should do?

What you can do for real results is follow our protocol.

Which probiotic are you taking?

Your questions are welcomed and will always be answered by one of the experts.