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Hi Sherie,

I know exactly what your are talking about! I lost 8 kg’s even though I was not overweight to start with. But I think it really wasn’t the detox that shed my kilos but more the candida diet, very strict, after detox. And I did not take digestive enzymes that would have been helpful for me, since I have just found out that I have Leaky Gut as well. So I did not really digest the foods I was eating and lost many nutrients because of that.

I’d suggest using digestive enzymes and eating a lot of protein with this diet. And I do feel so much better without the constant bloating, etc! I don’t really think it is an option if you have candida. It is something that needs to be taken care of and you’ll be so much healthier. Just keep track of your weight and maybe use some protein shakes to help – but keep clear of the ones with sweeteners!

Good luck and take care.