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I just wanted to mention that the adrenals (for me) were the last thing to get healed, and this is one of the things that will take the most time to heal. You’ll likely be able to heal leaky gut before the adrenals.

As far as dealing with low energy…I give it my all for some of these strenuous activities but I try to limit myself on how far I push myself.

For instance, my main outdoor activity is hiking. I try to do 2-4 miles hikes instead of 5+ miles hikes…those will tax me too much. Even washing my car and waxing it as taxing; I try to put it off until the good weather comes around here lol. Gardening was one of the few things I could do early on but it was tough because of the molds found on the plants. Its all about finding a balance and slowly pushing yourself a tiny bit more.