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Thanks Able & Javizy,

I only took manuka at first as part of a treatment to heal my ulcer and kill h pylori. This was a priority at first when I got out of the hospital. Then after I was sure that my ulcer was gone and the h pylori at least in control, I stopped taking this b/c of the sugar.

I will take the advice to rotate probiotics. I am almost out anyway, so will pick some up at Vitamin Shoppe. I prefer ones that don’t need refrigeration necessarily, but can use any I guess.

Yeah, I know that my thyroid was effected as well as my adrenals, digestive system, neurological, etc. I also had high blood pressure and sugar spikes and drops often. These have improved also under the protoccol. I don’t have any confidence in the doctors in my area and quite frankly I’ve given up with the traditional routeafter 20years of following every advice, procedure, and prescribed medication which never has gotten me anywhere. I’m not going to spend anymore money on tests and doctors, unless I am having an urgent or emergency.

Well, I am going to go kayaking and bicycle riding this weekend with my family, but I’m going to take it easy. The water isn’t particulary challenging and the trails are mostly level. I’m only going to go for a half day of exercise each day instead of the full days that I use to do.

Thanks for your advice & thoughts. Have a great weekend.