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Jasmine, thank you for replying, a reply to your comments follows.

Quote: i’m sorry if my statement was not clear..i didn’t mean “doctors” i meant naturopathic doctors.

Reply: Yes, Jasmine, I was aware that you were speaking of naturopathic doctors as was I. You mentioned ‘natural doctor’ in your other post.

Quote: and if i’m not wrong i’ve read many ppl here saying it has helped them make the process a lot more effective or faster, you just have to find the one who can help you.

Reply: Maybe you could point those ‘many people’ out to me. And if you’ll take the time to compare, you’ll find even more people who experience the same response when they follow a healthy, yeast-destroying protocol without a doctor’s input. You’ll also realize that seeing a naturopathic doctor and paying him or her your money cannot cure the Candida infestation any quicker than following the correct protocol without visiting a naturopath.
If a doctor (naturopath) builds his protocol around positive research studies and experiments on a Candida albicans infestation, and if that same research is available to us (and it is), why should any of us pay him to read the research for us?
I guess what I really have in mind are the numerous forum members who complain about the cost of the treatment, and this is without paying a specialist to tell them pretty much the same thing we do, only we usually go into more detail to be truthful. I know that a lot of people are having a difficult time during this economic period, and it bothers me to see them spend their hard earned money on something that can be had for free.

Quote: I wasn’t attacking your knowledge or anyone here…

Reply: I know that wasn’t what you were doing, Jasmine, and I’m sorry if I made it sound like I thought that.

Quote: I really do appreciate all the time you spend here helping people but you shouldn’t judge me by one comment cuz if i didn’t care for the info on this forum i wouldn’t even spend time reading the posts. so the fact that i keep commenting is i’m trying to figure out a way to make this work for me.

Reply: Thanks for the appreciation, and to be honest, we do this because we want to, it makes us feel good when we read a post that tells us a member is experiencing less symptoms, or someone like Thomas when he told us, “… your advice turned my life around.” This sort of news makes every second we spend on the forum worth it all. By the way, I wasn’t judging you at all, believe it or not that was simply my response to your post.

Quote: “so i’m still wondering if you have anything against naturopathic doctors?”

Reply: I only have a problem with the numerous naturopathic or holistic doctors such as the doctor that Mrs. Carly was seeing (and paying).
Mrs. Carly’s statement was, “I have followed her to the letter, but after 3 weeks I started doing my own research and found that I should NOT be eating potatoes, grapefruit, and other starches – rice, corn…”
This is a doctor who is practicing under the guise a professional who is supposedly capable of curing a Candida albicans infestation, but in reality doesn’t have a clue as far as how to treat it.
Do you see my problem with this type of doctor? All they have to do is what any of us can do, read the research journals that most of them are receiving free of charge. Instead, the journals pile up on their desk unread because they’re too busy taking money from their patients to bother with reading research journals.
I can say this with complete confidence, if you’re following the protocol on the forum to the letter, and it’s not working for you meaning your symptoms are not improving at all, then there is another problem, and I’d like to take the time to review your complete diet and list of supplements. That is unless you feel that we can do nothing else for you; and if that’s the case, we will definitely understand and hold nothing against you for your decision.

One more thing, Jasmine. If you remember, on October 27 I answered one of you posts with this comment;
“When you attack at enemy you want to hit their source of survival as quickly as possible, that’s just common sense, everything else such as creams etc. are nothing but skirmishes which will win a battle but not the war, because as long as they still have the source they will continue to survive and rebuild their colonies. I’m talking about ‘getting at the root of the problem’ ….which is in the lower intestines. This can only be done with the Candida diet, antifungals, and probiotics.”

I repeated that because I’ve read over the posts you wrote the first week you were on the forum, and it seems that you were extremely hesitant about going on and remaining on the diet that we recommend. I’m aware that part of this was due to your IBS problems, but even so, if you are unable to remain on the diet exactly as we describe it, then we can’t expect this protocol to be successful. The same goes for the various antifungals and probiotics including kefir; these are all major components of the protocol and without any one of them, the treatment has a much smaller chance of working.