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Able900 wrote:

it doesn’t seem so smart in my case to start taking them without being controlled by someone who knows more

lol.. ok, so I guess studying at length and using the actual research done with Candida albicans by universities and scientists isn’t important?
Perhaps you simply prefer to pay a doctor to ‘guess’ at what is wrong with you as well as what may or may not help your infestation. I’m saying this because, if you read the various posts on the forum concerning people who have been visiting doctors for years without a cure, you’ll see that most doctors have no idea about the research that has been or is being done with Candida albicans.

By the way, you can start the treatment without the cleanse and still cure the infestation, as the protocol I previously linked to points out very clearly.


i’m sorry if my statement was not clear..i didn’t mean “doctors” i meant naturopathic doctors. and if i’m not wrong i’ve read many ppl here saying it has helped them make the process a lot more effective or faster, you just have to find the one who can help you.

i wasn’t attacking your knowledge or anyone here…i’ve been to maaaany doctors and i know they never found anything wrong with me…if anything my GI told me i was completely healthy and i was going through a “phase”. a week later my Gynecologist told me i have candida and she could see it !!

so Able…i really do appreciate all the time you spend here helping people but you shouldn’t judge me by one comment cuz if i didn’t care for the info on this forum i wouldn’t even spend time reading the posts. so the fact that i keep commenting is i’m trying to figure out a way to make this work for me.

so i’m still wondering if you have anything against naturopathic doctors ??