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Take my comment with a grain of salt – I’ve been on this diet for 7.5 weeks, following it very strictly, but I’m no holistic practioner. From what I understand, those who need to stay on the deit indefinitely, never really took care of their overgrowth in a satisfactory way before reintroducing candida-feeding foods/alcohol. If you don’t stay on the diet (without cheating) long enough, you’re going to be very prone for an overgrowth recurrence, even if your symptoms have vastly improved. A little beer here, a little coffe there, and nibble of a donut – all these things are going to keep you from completely eradicating your excess yeast, and that girl scout cookie will be pushed farther and farther back.

That said, it seems that once you’ve been on the diet *strictly* for a while, and have successfully reintroduced Stage 2 foods like beans, potatos, etc. *then* it’s time to start thinking about adding back some really big trigger foods. If you’re reintoducing foods slowly, as recommended, this whole process could take a while. And once it really is time to test for things like wheat, corn syrup, sugar… you’ll want to do so with each ingredient separately, not in one big cookie combination. If it were me, at this point, I’d probably start with a small amount of whole wheat and wait a little while, gradually increasing the whole wheat until I hit a fairly normal amount. If it all seemed a-ok, I’d probably try refined wheat flour (white all purpose) the same way. Sweeteners and alcohol would be the last things I’d reintroduce, and only if my other reintroductions went well.

Probably not what you wanted to hear. It’d be nice if I could say, “Yes! Have a Thin Mint! It won’t bother your candida at all!” But, I really think a Thin Mint is probably further off than you’re hoping. If you go slowly though, and really do a thorough job of eliminating your overgrowth, it’s possible you may be able to enjoy Girl Scout cookies down the road w/ zero ill effects.

Please don’t let this discourage you. If anything, let it be a big motivator to really stick it out and win not just a battle, but the whole war 🙂