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There are a few major reasons doctors don’t test for candida:

-They are under educated about todays health problems.
-They only promote pharmaceutical medication as a means to address the problem; there isn’t many pharmaceutical drugs that fight candida and provide relief.
-Doctors don’t heal, they only address the symptoms.
-Doctors want you to be ill so that you can develop more severe health problems that require very expensive drugs or treatments (such as cancer).

How do you heal multiple organs that are damaged with pharmaceutical drugs such as the liver, intestines, stomach, thyroid, adrenals, and more? There is no single drug that heals ANY of these organs

-Candida is actually the cause of many of todays health problems such as hyper/hypoglycemia, krohns disease, cancer, seizures, blood pressure, arthritis, and more. Imagine what the world would be like if they could cure all of these ailments at once; through a protocol that reverses candida growth…the medical system would completely collapse!

Here’s a good interview I listened to today called the history of medical tyranny:

The medical industry was actually created by the rockefeller and carnegie families in the early 1900’s; they did good things throughout history, right?