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My sister had surgery 10yrs ago for a massive cysts on her ovary. Once they got inside to remove the mass they ended up having to remove every single organ in her abdominal cavity because she had massive yeast and all of her organs had adhered to each other. A simple surgery turned into a 14hr long surgery. Knowing what I know now about candida I’m furious that they didn’t explain to her that she had a candida overgrowth and need to go on a strict candida diet. Instead she thought that everything was taken care of in the surgery and continued life as usual. Ultimately she developed diabetes, she has had multiple strokes, she’s exhausted all the time and 3 yrs ago she had a massive heart attack and had emergency quad bypass surgery. I can’t say that these wouldn’t have happended had she been told to go on a strict diet, but I have to question! She’s only recently learned about the severity of the candida.

So while you, Floggi, may want to believe that Drs are well educated and therefore they know far more than most of us patients, I’d have to strongly disagree. Not to mention the fact that I have 6 family members who are either MD’s or RN’s and I have to tell you that they might know more about their specialty but I know just as much if not more than some of them do. A degree doesn’t guarantee knowledge! I can honestly tell you that I saw 1 of them having her husband take her tests that she had to submit online to her professors. I’m sure she’s not the only one that’s done this. I also have to laugh at the medical group forum that I belong to, the professor puts real cases for them to give their assesments, diagnosis, and treatment on. If there’s so much education happening how is it that you can have 200 people respond and only 20% get the right answer? Life isn’t in textbooks and it’s my understanding that the majority of information that is taught in med school is based upon the professors beliefs, if they never thinks outside the box then they’re not going to educate new MDs to think outside it either.

Personally, I have spent 14yrs and close to $2mil (my $ and insurance $) trying to find out what was causing my auto-immune issues. I’ve seen close to 30 Drs everything from Neurologist at a top university hospital, to Gastro, Ortho, Reumotid, Cardiologists, allergist, specialists in Celiac, Nutrionists and Naturopaths as well as general MDs. I’ve had surgeries that I “Might” not have had to have if I’d known what was happening inside my body as I’d have happily changed my diet. I’ve already been gluten free for 11yrs – btw, I only got diagnosed with this after 3yrs of symptoms by reading an article and calling my group of Drs and asking if I could have the tests done. Making additional modifications to my diet is not something that I would have been opposed to IF ONLY 1 Dr would have EVER suggested that there was even something called Candida to think about I’d have listened. I have seen MD’s who were in their 70s as well as ones that were barely out of medical school. I’ve seen ones that have graduated from some of the top colleges as well as board certified at top hospitals and they all have said we’ll you don’t have XYorZ, but I can’t tell you what you do have, but here take this RX and see if it helps. Luckily for me I’m stubborn and I don’t take medications with serious side effects when we have no idea if there’s a reason for them or not.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that a friend happened to mention that years ago he’d had a yeast overgrowth and that it had caused him a lot of terrible symptoms I might not have ever came to the point that I’m at today. Because of him mentioning it, I came home and started my research. I called a friend of mine who’s an herbalist in another part of the country and she directed me to additional information and a cleanse that I could do.

Imagine how happy, surprised, and actually angry I was when just a few days into the cleanse my symptoms that I’ve had every minute of every day for 14yrs started to go away! I will be sending a letter to each and every one of the Drs that I have seen over the past 14yrs and letting them know my diagnosis in hopes that they’ll read it and take it seriously and maybe think twice on the next patient.

So please, don’t think for that as a patient you don’t have to be your biggest advocate and sometimes have to take matters into your own hands in order to help yourself get well.