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Well, I can chime in here, since I’ve just moved from the US to Amsterdam. I had seen 20+ doctors in the US prior to my moving over here. Not one of them has diagnosed or even tested me for Candida, I self diagnosed right before my move.

I was excited to see a doctor in Amsterdam, and curious to see what he would say about my Candida.

I received his reply in an email: “Indeed this is something regular MD’s does not do much with. The diagnose is alternative and should be treated in an alternative way. I cannot really help you with this unfortunately. There are no regulare medicine for this. You can stop eating sugar as far as I know this is the advise with candida overgrow. Have you heared about this too? “

However, he did explain that it’s illegal for doctors to take anything from a pharmaceutical company here. I don’t think people who’ve never been in the US health system understand how many unnecessary prescriptions are being written there.