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Because they do not want you to get rid of this. You know 9 out of 10 people have it . I mean WE ALL HAVE IT its just now the generations are worse because canidida has to be in you it breaks down proteins in the gut. However, it is fed by the sugar and yeasts in our food. Think about it you have a healthy tummy you have a healthy immune system. O no then you do not need drugs. The FDA food and health know what there doing. I cured my overbalance which was passed down from birth. I share my story here have had this since birth. I had my tonsils out when I was a child because they would not let go of bacteria. They did not think about my stomach flora being off balance. My mother passed down the overbalance in gram negative bacteria candida. My grandma, probally to her. She was an alcholic who drank alot which promotes yeast growth in the stomach. Our parents transmit what they have or do not(as in good bacteria in stomach). The stomach is key to good immune system and must be balanced. As an adult I even GREW yeast on my skin. What is in the stomach comes out on the skin. My candida manifested itself in the form of tinea vesicolor. Patches on my skin that were fungal(yeast). I started to become aware of the way I felt when I ate sugar. I linked the candida to everything I suffered as a child even my supposive ADHD! See when I ate sugar the yeast would release gases and make me spazzzy. I could not concentrate had all the syptoms of ADHD. Well my yeast on my skin was the key. I would eat something and watch my skin. When I would eat suagr any form it woulf get red and raise and grow, as well as I would be up all day and night. I then started to develope allergys to wheat, from the overload of yeast in my system, it made me sensative to alot of stuff.Id get hard bumps on my scalp when Id eat sugar. My ear wax smelled like yeast. Id get yeast infections like crazy.The worst though was how it was spreading all over my BODY! It itched and you could see it,I felt like a growing plague. I tried EVERYTHING those stupid clenses, the diet,coconut oil,garlic,cinnamon nothing worked…and then I got some kefir grains. See kefir grains are probiotics they EAT the candida. They conteract the imbalance in flora in our stomachs. The imbalance fueled by sugar and yeast. EVERYTHING HAS SUGAR and YEAST in it. Okay so like when we eat bread its alive it has yeast, it dont die it mulptiplys like BEBE’s kids. Same thing with the kefir BUT its the good guys so to speak. Its not like yogurt its millions of live strands of probiotics and literally they EAT the candida!!!! I started to notice relief right away. I obtained grains from the kefirlady. You can get some from me to if you like. I also did the diet when I first started absolutly NO SUGAR not even fruit. Not untill I was rebalanced and even then I rairly eat it and its usually fruit form. I also took 5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. Please dont do what I did and just start out on 5. The die off period was intese and I vomited the first day. Work your way up to that. I also did a garlic clove in the morning and one at night. This will assist in fighting off gram negative bacterias and yeast but leave the postive guys intact(mom nature taking care of us) then I would have kefir milk in the morning and kefir milk in the night. NOT THE CRAP FROM THE STORE. It is sugar and the live starins cannot survive the processing. Im talking the real deal like the grains from tibet. You have to love them and take care of them for they are a LIVING being! I can help you with that as well. I also make everythign with the kefir. Sourkraut,kefir sourdough bread(ITS PROBIOTIC BREAD HEHE)cheese(its probiotic cheese not processed invasive YEAST cheese from store). I make kefir pesto white sauce flaxseed pizza,today i made a kefir alfredo sauce.I have almost NO YEAST on my skin now and I am serine and my head feels so differant, I used to be a spazz. I NEVER get sick now NEVER. I also obtained a kumbucha scoby from the kefir lady and have more probiotics that way.I have several ppl who I have also treated with this method. You can email me directly for I will not be on this forum often. I just had to let people know rebalance the inside get the good put back into you and it never goes away persay cause you need those guys to but the overbalnce is rebalanced!!! [email protected] she ALSO HAS GRAINS. She is an amazingly lady who sells them on the honest system she loves and trusted people so much she pays shipping and trusts youll pay her..