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I have been very frustrated with doctors. I went to 7 doctor regarding my symptoms including going overseas. All have different approaches with different results. But they all have in common, none has recommended a candida diet. from my experience there are several reason why doctors are useless regarding candida:
1. Not well informed. In medical school they were though that Candida are only linked to HIV. once my HIV test negative they ruled out Candida immediately
2. No 100% accurate test exists for Candida. Since candida occur naturally in our bodies it is difficult to know that it has been on overgrowth. I had feces, blood, skin test. Some show positive but many doctors thinks it is unclear about it becoming overgrowth
3. Somehow it contradicted with their profession. most candida sufferer are actually victim of antibiotics. the more people informed about gut treatment the less they need and want medicine or doctors. many disease can actually very easily cure with diet
4. Ego play a little role. they don’t take Candida seriously and when I asked about diet they refer me to nutritionist instead
5. In most countries doctor get additional income from drug companies. doctors too have bills to pay. healthy diet will not help pay those bills