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JaneneBean wrote: I’m a bit frustrated because I’m not a fish eater unless it’s deep fried. (bad) I like chicken but it gets old. I can’t eat beef because it’s difficult for me to digest, turkey is hard to come by unless it’s deli style…so that leaves pork, the other white meat. Why does it have to be bad for Candida?
Also, I eat a little cheese, try to avoid the harder cheeses and in my Teeccino I like half and half. It’s low carb so I wonder if it’s okay to have since I don’t have problems with dairy.

There ISN’T an standard candida diet. Every diet you find is different than the other. If you separate what you CAN NOT eat in all of them, what will be left is purified water.
There is nothing special with pork. It isn’t sugar or carbohydrate. Some people prefer to avoid meat because candida albicans when deprived of food goes over anything. The metabolic wastes from bacterias and fungus when feeding with meat are more toxic than when they metabolize sugar.
You have to eat something. Having the limitations with sugars and carbohydrates is more than enough.
If candida is going to die with your treatment, it will happen with pork or without it. When it is going to stay, it will do it too until your immune system and treatment be enough to eradicate it.

Don’t be afraid of eating meat moderately if you don’t react to it, specially after 3 or 4 weeks on the treatment. It is worse having you weak because you don’t eat to be thinking what candida eats. At the end, nobody here knows what the fungus eat at all.