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raster wrote: If you want to recover more quickly, I suggest regularly using a sauna, steam room, or even a hot bath to help release/remove the toxins from your body. It’ll really help the die-off symptoms and is a popular treatment throughout the world.

The more you cheat or go off the diet, the more easily the candida can come back. If you do the diet incorrectly the whole time, your body won’t be able to heal itself as well as possible. For instance, if you ate potatoes the whole diet, the candida will surely come back because it can adapt easily. It will feed off the natural sugars and starch and the symptoms will return.

i see…i do have a fairly bland diet and try to stay away from junk food, some veggies and eggs and red meat thanx to my IBS-D.

however going a lifetime without any form of grains sounds like hell on earth to me.i know Level 1 and 2 are strict but does the lifetime treatment mean giving up all fruits for the rest of my life ?? giving up rice and every other grain on the planet forever ?? (i really hope i’m wrong in this case)
these are genuine questions tbh, since my diet is already very limited i don’t have as much freedom as most of you have when it comes to diet so i want to do my research very well.

– for how long would i have to take 4 types of antifungals ?? i hate puting anything extra in my body since i don’t know how IBS will react to it :S
– how would you know if you are clear from one stage to go to the next one
– and lastly how do u know if you are clear from candida overgrowth and perhaps can have somewhat of a “normal” diet ?? (i’m not talking about over indulging just general semi healthy snacks)