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Able900 wrote:
By the way, you’re not exactly taking this one day at a time which is what I suggested you need to do in an earlier post.

i really do appreciate all you guys taking time and responding to each and everyone of my questions. the reason i may seem a bit too full of question is that my IBS has made me want to gather as many info as possible so if i face a situation i hopefully have an idea how to get it under control since doctors are useless.

just so i know that my info so far is correct:

so from what i’ve gathered all i need to do

-is to get my diet under control, from the beginning (stage 1) i can eat chicken, fish, buckwheat, coconut bread, avocado, yogurt, stevia and some other allowed veggies.

after 2 weeks i start taking anti fungals…and after experiencing die-off symptoms and having them cleared after however time it may take. i am able to slowly introduce foods back in and start encouraging the good bacteria.

-yet i still probably have to keep it up with the anti-fungals and probiotics?! (i wonder if there is any point where people stop with the anti fungals or is it a life style thing???)

– also not quite sure about the rotating anti-fungal thing
or rotating different meats everyday or so , why is that tho ??