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raster;60733 wrote:

If this was something they would treat widely it would cause them to lose money because they wouldn’t treat other diseases. For instance, they would cure diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, adhd, add, etc. Those are big profitable diseases. They also would acknowledge that antibiotics are bad and pesticides, gmo, etc. are bad which is not something they would ever do as an industry.

Wow. I’m sorry you feel this way, much less use your position as an respected voice on this forum to push such claims on other desperate lurkers here.

raster;60717 wrote: They don’t make much money on diflucan.

And … as if there’s not a whole lot of money being made on candida cure self-help books and the supplement side of the industry… Lord knows I’ve spent months going to most supplements recommended here and in books, along with a very expensive foray into healthier eating.

Your post says a lot, sadly. Me, I’ve come to terms that what I’ve been suffering from the past several months (despite the recent rounds of antibiotics, mercury fillings, bad diet, etc.) is really just anxiety. And now that I’ve opened my eyes to that very likely diagnosis, I’ve noticed a lot of my symptoms — the same symptoms conveniently attributed to candida overgrowth — have subsided somewhat.

Are you here to troll?

Absolutely not. Sorry for coming off so aggressive, as I’m sure many of you have/are experiencing it’s frustrating dealing with something that’s so hard to outright diagnose. So when I read threads on here (and elsewhere) I can’t help but start to question who’s really wrong here: the self-diagnosing internet readers or the scores of different doctors (been to 3 ENTs, 3 gastros, 1 cardiologist, 2 primary care docs and have a standing appointment with the Mayo Clinic which I’m going to put on hold for now) who all agree they can’t seem to find anything. Surely not everyone in the medical community isn’t in cahoots. So I’m open to the possibility maybe I’ve been mislead and is the wrong one here. Maybe all these general symptoms, of which I read vastly of here, other forums and a couple of books, default to something that can be explained.

So in short, I guess there’s just two camps here: people who want to believe the medical community is full of shit or out to get them, or people who believe maybe candida overgrowth isn’t the be-all-end-all a few forum owners and for-profit authors proclaim it to be.

I agree with the diet advice. But then again, when has a healthier diet ever really hurt anyone?