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boganmobile wrote: So Chris24 what is the cause of your fatigue?

In chronological order: Hypersensitivity, compulsive thinking, chronic stress, depression, candida, (suspected) leaky gut.

All of these are linked to form my health problems. The only way of getting better would be to adress them all at once. In ayurvedic terms: My lifeforce (prana) must be restored, but keeps being pushed down by my psycho/physical complaints. My picture of the world is quite negative and stressful. I create a prison for myself, and make it my home, as a self defense mechanism. This is why the protocol alone doesnt work for me. I need a complete change in order to erase my conditioning.

The fatigue, which is kind of like an everpresent blanket in my head, has been with me for about 9 years. I would sometimes get a glimpse of alertness and feeling awake once or twice a year, generally lasting shorter than a day. This would remind me that my current state of being is not normal.

Thanks for asking, it helped me structure my thoughts.