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raster wrote: I have a feeling most people have fatigue as a symptom.

That was my preconception aswell. But I am not so sure since I dont see it that much on here. Also the nature of fatigue I am curious about. There is for instance a difference between brain fog fatigue, or muscle fatigue, or stress/depression fatigue.

raster wrote:
I still have it as one of my lingering symptoms but it is getting better. I am taking a supplement called drenamin which heals your adrenals very slowly. Additionally, when I get 8 or more hours of sleep, I mostly don’t feel fatigue. My problem goes hand in hand with the quality of sleep I get.

Ah alright. In this topic I am aiming for the kind of fatigue that is not effected by sleep at all. You wake up with it and got to bed with it, no matter what you do. Do you know that fatigue?