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Chris24 wrote: Is it just physical fatigue, or is the fatigue also present in your head? Like your world is damped?

Many days consist of both, it made the last 3.5 years of college absolutely brutal. I went from working out at the gym for an hour or more and running 4+ miles at a 7 minute pace with ease. Now I only feel like walking, and that usually only happens once a week. I’ve been told just go out and exercise and it will make me feel better, but when your legs don’t have any energy to exert and walking up the stairs is a task, you know better of their suggestion.

Mental fatigue has and continues to be a major issue, there are times when I know I should be studying, but I know it won’t be of much use because I won’t retain it (brain fog.)

I hold out hope that I can get this totally cleared up, even if it means never eating normal again.