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quick wrote:

Many days consist of both, it made the last 3.5 years of college absolutely brutal. I went from working out at the gym for an hour or more and running 4+ miles at a 7 minute pace with ease. Now I only feel like walking, and that usually only happens once a week. I’ve been told just go out and exercise and it will make me feel better, but when your legs don’t have any energy to exert and walking up the stairs is a task, you know better of their suggestion.

Exactly. I have found it is difficult for healthy person to grasp the feeling of being chronically ill. “When I feel tired I just go work out” they say. Yeah well, good for them… But there is a difference between being tired and being debilitated.

quick wrote:
Mental fatigue has and continues to be a major issue, there are times when I know I should be studying, but I know it won’t be of much use because I won’t retain it (brain fog.)

I hold out hope that I can get this totally cleared up, even if it means never eating normal again.

You will. You will get over this and you’ll feel better then ever.