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I had chronic fatigue back in 95 for about 6 finally eased up to go on with life. This was also the time I was diagnosed with Menieres disease (severe dizzy spells) and dizziness throughout the day. i have had the dizziness since then. About 4 months ago, I was sitting here at the computer like always and i felt like i had the flu. my body ached so badly. i would take advil and go for a hot bath. this went on for two months every night. After researching online, i found that antidepressants (Wellbutrin was named)and a few vitamins at higher doses would help. So i went to my the Wellbutrin and every since then, no more body aches. Thank god. Still tired all the time but I have always been tired. dont remember when i wasnt. I think this Candida triggered it again.
Now the last 4 days I have been so weak i can hardly walk..but thats been since i started this diet. I am finally a little better today. that was rough though.

yeah and forget exercise. i am doing good to walk.