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I am taking RAW probiotic for women, two transformation intestinal support enzymes per meal, Zypan by standard process 1 per meal, trace minerals and b12 by standard process 2 in am, green food dietary supplement by standard process 3 two times per day, and gastro fiber by standard process 2 per meal.

I am on the candida diet, but I’m eating berries in the morning in my smoothie. Smoothie (1 c berries, 2tsp flax oil, 2 scoops vegetable protein, half carrot, half banana, 4 oz coconut milk)

Lunch salad with one T apple cider vinegar and olive oil, lintel soup with water as base

Dinner-sometimes a smoothie, and sometimes fish with vegetables (peppers, onion, asparagus, beets occationally)

I have tremendous bloating since starting all of this. Could it be the probiotic?

Is there anything I should cut out or start taking?

Thank you!