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lead;59351 wrote: I don’t see you talking about any foam in urine. I’m wondering if any of you even have it? Please share your experience?

My urine often has very white foam, it appears more so when I feel like my detox process is better and I feel like it is the candida going out of my system. 10 months ago I saw it getting more and more foamy the more I drank the Nettle Leaf Tea.

I don’t seem to have any kidney problems – the creatinine levels are normal, and the urea was almost normal too like 10 months ago when the foam was still there. I could check whether excess protein is present in my urine, and I’ll do so sometime later on, but I doubt this is the problem.

Jhan on Curezone in her old post claimed this is the candida getting out of the body. Cheesey, another long-time user of this forum, had this problem too and as he said he probably had it because of the die-off, but this is about it. The thing is, none of you report anything like this here on the forum.

Has anyone of you ever experienced this?

Hi lead, did you ever figure out what was causing your foamy urine? I have had foamy urine on and off for almost 2 years, and I can’t pinpoint the cause.